Selling One Piece Doujinshis!

I'm selling a few one piece doujinshis, most of them are Anthologies with around 150+ pages each.

General shipping costs: $2 per book (with the exception of #7 which will cost $1 for shipping)

Message me if you have any questions or want to buy of course (:
#1 ONEPI COMIC ANTHOLOGY TREASURE ISLAND 3 - 154 pages - Good condition -  $10
#2 GOME2 PIRATES LOGBOOK 18 - 194 pages - Good condition - $10
#3 GOME2 PIRATES LOGBOOK 19 - 194 pages - Good condition - $10
#4 ONE PIECE COMIC ANTHOLOGY GRAND LINE 2 - 203 pages - worn out on the edges, got some dents - $5
#5 SUMMER SICK - Good condition - 34 pages - $8

# ONE PIECE TREASURE ISLAND 2 - Good condition - $10 SOLD
# BON VOYAGE - Good condition - $8 SOLD
Hi, I'm interested in your books! Can you tell me the general page count and genre or pairing?
The books 1 - 6 have around 150+ pages each, no less :3
The 7 and 8 are 35 pages each.

1 - 6 (excluding #2) have different pairings, and some aren't even pairings, but there is Zoro x Sanji in them all, then some Zoro x Luffy, Luffy x Nami, Robin x Zoro and then there are some general stories with no pairings.

Genre is from funny to angst, it's a mix in all books :)

Hopefully that helped! feel free to ask if there is anything else c:
Connecting to the question above :)
Can I know in which antologies are the Luffy/Nami and Zoro/Robin stories? I'm also interested in general/slice of life stories, as long as they're good :)
Last but not the least, would shipping to Italy be a problem? :D Do you have a general idea of the possible shipping price?
Thank you in advance! :D
#8 BON VOYAGE is mainly Zoro/Robin

The anthologies are all mixed pairings, but they do include Luffy/Nami and Zoro/Robin

#4 ONE PIECE TREASURE ISLAND 2 has 2 Luffy/Nami stories
#5 ONEPI COMIC ANTHOLOGY TREASURE ISLAND 4 has a very short Zoro/Robin story (6 pages)

And nope I am willing to ship worldwide (: It depends on how many books you buy, but say you buy those three I will charge $5 for shipping cost :3

EDIT: Forgot to say, there are A LOT of side stories in all of the books I'm selling, but since they're japanese I can't really tell what they are about xD

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Woah, that's interesting!
So it would be like $ 8 + 10 + 10 + 5 = $ 33 in total, right? Seems totally affordable to me! I was so afraid of shipping cost! :)
One more question! Is paypal payment ok?
Yep and you should get the books in 2-3 weeks if you decide to buy (:
$33 would be the total cost, and yes paypal is the preferred payment method actually :)
If it's ok for you, than it's ok for me too! :D
May we exchange all details by private message? :D